Vintage 23 Karat Gold Leaf Italian Picture


This charming miniature chromolithograph on 23 karat gold leaf depicts a harbour scene with a small fishing boat in the foreground and an Italian style villa in the background.

Chromolithography, in short, is a coloured image printed by many applications of lithographic stones, each stone using a different coloured ink. Chromolithography rose to popularity in the late 19th century, allowing for the reproduction of coloured prints without the risk of hand painting and of course reducing the time and cost to produce said prints.

This particular picture was produced in Italy and has a sticker of authenticity attached to the back of the frame. The gold leaf picture itself is in mint condition. The frame is in good condition, with a small tear in the back velvet cover (see pics).

DIMENSIONS (approx):
Picture: 40x40mm
Frame: 110x110mm

AGE OF ITEM: 30+ years

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