Royal Winton Grimwades ‘Eleanor’ Cruet Set


This is a rare, highly desirable, and collectible chintz patterned cruet set. Chintzware is described as chinaware covered in a dense, usually floral, pattern. The word chintz originates from the Hindi word “chint” meaning spotted/speckled/variegated. And instead of the traditional method of hand painting the china, these chintz patterns were applied by a method of transfer printing.

A cruet set consists of vessels (cruets) that contain condiments - the debate still rages on whether salt and pepper can be classified as condiments. This particular set consists of a salt cellar, a pepperette, and a mustard pot with a lid. This item is in very good to excellent condition with no chips or cracks. The gold gilding still very much in evidence.

The maker’s mark on this item is the stamp Royal Winton Grimwades used from 1941-1950. That would put this piece at 70-80 years of age.

DIMENSIONS (approx):
Tray: 208x83mm
Cruets: 63x40mm 

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